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Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Are your brows thinning or have you over-plucked? Does your lipstick bleed due to ageing? Wake up looking vibrant and ready to go every day with semi-permanent make-up. Using the very latest semi-permanent make-up equipment to achieve hair simulation on brows, subtle blush techniques for lips and all organic pigments, the results are natural-looking, long-lasting and fabulous.

At Serenity Clinic we take a "less is more" approach to semi-permanent make-up to ensure our clients achieve natural long-lasting results... sorry you'll not find a "scouse brow" in sight.  

All of our semi-permanent make-up clinicians and aestheticians are supremely qualified and we are registered with all of the relevant governing bodies as well as the Environmental Health Agency... so with Serenity Clinic you can be sure you're in safe, hygienic and expert hands when it comes to semi-permanent make-up. 


Lip Liner & Blush

Banish those constant trips to the Ladies to touch up or check for lipstick bleed.

• The ideal answer for anyone who struggles with lipstick bleeding or smudging (sometimes due to ageing)

• No more constantly retouching lipstick or liner

• Swim, shower and take part in sporting activities and still look amazing

• Gives a fuller appearance as lips thin as we mature

• Maintain your own style: from vibrant to neutral shades!

• All organic pigments and natural-looking results 

Price on consultation

Eye Liner & Lashes

Wake up very morning looking fresh & vibrant.

• Ideal for fair hair for a wide-eyed, defined look 

• Stop smudged mascara/tinting or eye liner bleed

• Swim, shower and take part in sporting activities without having to worry about your smudging

• Natural and long-lasting effect

• All organic pigments and the latest techniques to achieve incredible results

Price on consultation

Eye Brow Enhancement

Brow enhancement gives many clients the look of an eye lift.

• Ideal for anyone with sparse brows due to fair hair, over-plucking, thinning hair due to ageing, medication, Chemotherapy or auto-immune conditions

• No more drawing on eyebrows or tinting!

• Swim, shower and take part in sporting activities without having to worry about your brows coming off/smudging

• Soft textured look or hair simulation to create a natural and long-lasting effect

• Sparse or no brow hair? You won't believe the difference!

Price on consultation